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Travel talk, tales and tips
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Travel. Whether you're working for the weekend, booking a flight to head home for the holidays, or planning a honeymoon to remember, almost everyone takes a trip at one point or another in their lives. Some of us like to vacation so much that we daydream about it when we're not doing it, always thinking about that next getaway, and a future new experience in an exotic location, far from our daily routine.

Maybe you're not a vacationer at all: maybe you're a savvy business traveler who knows all about the best airfare deals, the top dining destinations, and the great hotel bargains that are a well-kept secret.

Whether you've just taken your first voyage or your fiftieth, LJTravel welcomes all globetrotters. We invite you to share your stories with other LiveJournal community members here, both good and bad. Tell us all about that great, cozy little mountain resort in Colorado, or about that dump of a hotel that you endured in Louisiana. Let us know the great places, the ones to avoid, and the ones that you'd return to again and again. Whether it was a family trip or a romantic weekend for two, we'd love to hear all about your journeys!

Note: Many of you now have digital cameras, which you use to share pictures from recent trips. That's great, however, they do slow down Friends pages. In light of this, all images must be behind an LJ-CUT tag. No exceptions! Also, please note in the post that there are pictures behind the cut. This will help the community pages load faster for everyone.

If a link in the post goes directly to your journal (in other words, if the poster responds it will be in your journal, rather than in the LJ Travel community), please note that in the post so they'll know before they click. Thanks!

Additionally, we ask that posters and respondents be polite and courteous. Please keep longer posts behind an lj-cut tag. Posts and icons used in the community should be "work safe." No nudity, profanity (no matter how mild), sweeping generalizations, or otherwise vulgar/inappropriate content in the icon and/or the post. This community is viewed by people of all ages, so please be considerate and use proper netiquette. Also, no "l33t speak": no abbreviations like "lol", "kkthx" or "u" (for you).

Posts should be written in normal case in English: no words, save for proper acronyms, should be in all capital letters as it is considered the internet equivalent of shouting. (This cartoon from The Oatmeal may help clarify. :) ) Please do not use excessive punctuation - one exclamation point or question mark at the end of a sentence is quite sufficient. We have people from all over the world of differing ages and cultural backgrounds viewing our community, and it's hard enough to understand English sometimes without using non-standard abbreviations or specialized jargon. Please be considerate.

If you have a question, ask the moderator before posting.

This is a post-moderated community. What this means is that your post will appear after the mod has had a chance to review it to make sure it's on-topic and within the rules set forth here. As long as it's within these guidelines, you should see it appear relatively soon, as I regularly check my e-mail. If you don't see your post within 48 hours, chances are that something about it doesn't fit within the guidelines specified here.

Comments may be screened if they do not comply with the guidelines outlined above.

Finally, please do not post promotions for other communities, or make posts concerning the sale or promotion of any product, web site, or item, without asking the moderator first. The easiest way to do this is just to post a comment in entj's personal journal. This includes links to your own blog and/or LiveJournal: the point of an LJ community is to interact here in a common location, not to scatter people or drive traffic to your blog.

In general, commercial posts are usually not allowed, because I do not want the community to become a place for advertisers. Direct requests for assistance in funding your trip, or referrals to web sites that would benefit you in this regard are strictly prohibited.

A warm welcome to you all!

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Given the general subject matter of this community, posts containing offensive pictures may be deleted without notice.

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